DISYS Consultant Care Program

The goal of the DISYS Consultant Care program is to show our valued consultants that they are an important member of the DISYS team, even if they work at a client’s location. Each consultant has a dedicated Human Resource Business Partner responsible for timesheet/payroll, issue resolution, benefits, employee engagement, compliance, and any other general Human Resource questions and feedback. This has helped us ensure low attrition rates and continue to be a top supplier to six of the major Managed Service Providers.

We established our Consultant Care program to engage our consultant employees and build their sense of inclusion and satisfaction. This program incorporates “touch points” where DISYS’ Account Executives and HRBPs call and/or email consultants weekly and monthly. These touch points typically include:

  • Communication before the assignment begins, to give the consultant the information they need to be successful from day one
  • Gathering feedback from the consultant, and working to address any challenges
  • Follow-ups at 14, 30, and 60 days to see how the consultant is adjusting and excelling

In addition to checking on their work status, the DISYS Account Team takes the time to ask about the consultant’s level of job satisfaction, and whether any aspects of their assignment have not met expectations. If any issues are identified, the Sr. Account Executive will follow up with the appropriate stakeholder to resolve the issue.

We developed consultant-friendly automated processes for timekeeping, payroll, and benefits management, as well as communication. DISYS’ Consultant Care toolkit includes Sense, which sends notifications to the DISYS HRBPs reminding them that their consultants have completed their first day, week, month, etc. The HRBPs then reach out to their consultants directly to complete their touch points.

Sense also gives our consultants a channel to provide feedback on their experience with DISYS, and to suggest improvements through short surveys. Any reported issues and suggestions are fed into our monthly and quarterly Consultant Care reviews, which we hold to identify and address risks, problems, and consultant concerns.

In addition to the Consultant Care program, we offer comprehensive benefits, a reward and recognition program, and a formal mentoring and coaching program. Our internal management includes standardized KPIs and periodic progress reports that measure our consultants’ impact on DISYS and our clients. Throughout this process, we work with our clients to ensure we treat each consultant with dignity and respect. DISYS knows that by increasing the quality of work for our consultants, we attract better talent, keep them on the job, and increase the quality of service we deliver to our clients.

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