DIR Contract Number – DIR-CPO-4612

Information Technology Staff Augmentation Contracts (ITSAC) Services

“It is the responsibility of the Vendor to sell, market, and promote products and services available under the Contract. Vendor shall use its best efforts to ensure that potential Customers are made aware of the existence of the Contract.”

Vendor Name on Contract: Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC dba DISYS, LLC
Vendor ID: 1541715860500

Texas.DISYS.com (In progress)

HUB Type:


DIR Contract Number:


Contract Award Date: 10/20/2020 ( The contract will renew automatically unless either party provides notice that the party wishes to discuss modification of terms or not renew)
Contract Term End Date: 8/31/2022
Contract Expiration Date: 8/31/2024
Extension: two (2) optional one-year renewals
ITSAC Contract Pricing: This contract will use the DIR “Not to Exceed Rate” table

DIR Eligible Customers

  • All Texas state agencies;
  • Units of local government, including cities, municipalities, and public school districts;
  • Special purpose districts;
  • Institutions of higher education, including public and private organizations;
  • Assistance organizations;
  • Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT);
  • Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA);
  • Private schools;
  • Volunteer Fire Departments;
  • Hospitals and First Responder groups; and
  • Public entities outside Texas